Course Teaching Aims:

'To enhance the giftedness already present…'

Year 1

Term 1
To explore the foundations of our faith journeys and to discern further our calling to this ministry

Term 2
To provide the basic skills of Contemplative Listening

Term 3
To explore the meaning and practice of discernment in spiritual direction and enable students to help another to use the process of discernment

To practice the skills of contemplative listening in 3's and also to learn from being listened to and from observing.

Year 2

Through Year 2 we explore some of the major spirituality traditions to help us understand and resource those who come, and to continue to learn from reflecting on our own experience of prayer and life.

Term 4
To recognise and explore the particular spiritual needs of those who come at different ages and stages

Term 5
To recognise and explore different states of mind and heart

Term 6
To foster awareness of spiritual direction as kingdom building
To practice directing another over 5 sessions and to learn from being directed.